Testing Your Connection

Testing Your Connection

You should start by testing your connection with the spectacles connect command. Don’t forget to specify your API credentials! Here’s an example, supplying our API credentials via a YAML file:

spectacles connect --config-file looker_configuration.yml

If you configured your credentials correctly, spectacles should confirm that it connected to the API successfully.

Troubleshooting connection issues

  • Confirm that you have set your base URL, client ID and client secret correctly.
  • Check the port your Looker instance is exposing for the API. The default port is 19999, but your instance may be configured differently.
  • Check the version your Looker instance is running (and therefore the API versions that are available). spectacles defaults to API version 3.1. If your instance is running an older version of Looker, it is possible you only have API version 3.0.

Next, we’ll learn about Validators and how to run different types of checks on our Looker instance.

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